Truth Checker: Doug Owens Cost Each Utah Family $3,000 – False!


On October 19, the Utah Republican Party sent out an email to supporters urging them to hold Doug Owens accountable for a “complete disregard for your tax dollars” and to vote for Mia Love. The basis for this ask was based on a claim that “Doug Owens cost each Utah family $3,000, because of his lawsuit to block Legacy Highway.” We were asked to evaluate the truth of that claim.


On July 7, 2016, the Utah Republican Party sent out a similar …

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Debates must go on despite GOP Chairman’s admonition

Former Republican legislator reiterates the importance of debates for civic participation
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Salt Lake City — A series of non-partisan, legislative debates has come under fire after an e-mail exchange from Republican party leadership was leaked to the political news site

In the exchange, Utah GOP Chairman James Evans discouraged his Republican candidates from participating in a series of debates organized by the John R. Park Debate Society, KCPW and the ABU Education Fund, the 501(c)(3) affiliate of Alliance for a Better UTAH.

David …

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