Moving Forward: Utah’s Future Beyond Coal

In the midst of Utah’s public lands madness, much of our leaders’ rhetoric claims public lands are good for the soul, but not for the economy. Better Utah’s super volunteer, Doris Schmidt, did some extensive research and wrote up a report challenging this narrative and demonstrating just how good public lands are for our economy. Read the report below!

Doris found that safeguarding the environment has proven to be a singularly effective way to create jobs in Utah. Our large and growing outdoor-recreation economy …

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Truth Checker: Doug Owens Cost Each Utah Family $3,000 – False!


On October 19, the Utah Republican Party sent out an email to supporters urging them to hold Doug Owens accountable for a “complete disregard for your tax dollars” and to vote for Mia Love. The basis for this ask was based on a claim that “Doug Owens cost each Utah family $3,000, because of his lawsuit to block Legacy Highway.” We were asked to evaluate the truth of that claim.


On July 7, 2016, the Utah Republican Party sent out a similar …

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Debates must go on despite GOP Chairman’s admonition

Former Republican legislator reiterates the importance of debates for civic participation
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Salt Lake City — A series of non-partisan, legislative debates has come under fire after an e-mail exchange from Republican party leadership was leaked to the political news site

In the exchange, Utah GOP Chairman James Evans discouraged his Republican candidates from participating in a series of debates organized by the John R. Park Debate Society, KCPW and the ABU Education Fund, the 501(c)(3) affiliate of Alliance for a Better UTAH.

David …

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