Truth Checker: Rep. Eliason “Opposed Medicaid Expansion” – Mostly True


On a recent mailer, Nikki Cunard, the democratic candidate running for Utah House District 45, claimed that her opponent, Rep. Steve Eliason (R), “[o]pposed Medicaid expansion and other proven steps to ensure children have access to insurance.” We were asked to determine the truth of the beginning of that claim, whether Rep. Eliason had opposed Medicaid expansion.


When looking at the history of Medicaid expansion (or rather, lack of expansion) in Utah, there are three major pieces of legislation that politicians …

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Who is showing your legislator the love this Valentine’s Day?

Salt Lake City — How much love is your legislator getting? The non-partisan ABU Education Fund launched Version 2.0 of its “Follow-the-Money” disclosure database today to help Utahns answer that question this Valentine’s Day.

The improved campaign disclosure website, which can be found at, now features a streamlined search function, the latest statewide candidate filings, and a new design that makes viewing and researching on smartphones much easier. And it should make holding Utah’s elected officials accountable even easier.

“Utah political financial disclosure has always been available …

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