Truth Checker


The ABU Education Fund presents the ABU Truth Checker, an effort to keep Utah politicians honest during state and local campaigns and the rest of the political season. Send claims that you would like fact checked to Our staff will research the claim and present the results here along with our analysis.

Our ratings are placed on a scale from “True” to “False.” To see the categories that we use, click here.


In a mailer sent out to those living in House District 45, Nikki Cunard claimed that her opponent, Rep. Steve Eliason (R) “opposed Medicaid expansion.” Rep. Eliason helped defeat the Healthy Utah plan during the 2015 Legislative Session, but because we do not know how he voted on Utah Access Plus later that year, we rate this claim as Mostly True. Read our full analysis here.


The Utah Republican Party claimed that Doug Owens cost each Utah family $3,000 owing to his role in the lawsuits seeking to block the Legacy Parkway project. Owens was an attorney representing one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit and can thus be attributed to the extra cost resulting from the litigation and settlement, although the State was responsible for self-inflicting most of the financial loss. However, the price per family was closer to $500 per Utah family, not an exaggerated $3,000 per family. Therefore, we find this claim to be false. Read our full analysis here.